Mad Catz Unveils M.O.J.O. Micro-Console, Coming in December


Mad Catz will dip its toe in the console market this holiday season.

Mad Catz will launch its first console, the Android-based M.O.J.O, on December 10, the manufacturer announced today. The $250 “micro-console” is powered by a Tegra 4 T40S 1.8GHz Processor, with 2GB of RAM and a 16GB hard drive. The device will support 1080p resolution via HDMI.

Mad Catz, best known for its third-party controllers, is the latest in a slew of companies to jump on the Android console bandwagon: Following in the footsteps of the Ouya and Nvidia Shield, The M.O.J.O. will join the upcoming second wave of Android console releases, which include the size-conscious Game Stick and a rumored Amazon device.

At $250 – a hefty price tag compared to the $99 Ouya – the M.O.J.O is aimed at a more technically-demanding gaming audience. The device will have access to both the TegraZone, Amazon and Google Play ecosystems. With two USB ports, the console will support a mouse, but also includes a function that turns the controller’s left stick to use a cursor on-screen.

Interestingly, the M.O.J.O’s most intriguing function is the one that hasn’t been announced. According to Gamasutra, it’s possible that M.O.J.O. may also be able to stream PC games to the TV, similar to the handheld Nvidia Shield.

If the M.O.J.O. sounds like something you might want to pick up, Mad Catz is taking pre-orders on its website.

Source: Mad Catz via Gamasutra

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