Madden 2007 For the Xbox 360 To Ship With Known Bugs


As Madden 2007 for the Xbox 360 gets into the hands of reviewers, release day bugs have come to light.

Madden fan sites and sports enthusiast message boards have been buzzing with the news that the newest Madden 2007 title for the Xbox 360 contains at least one known bug. Reviewers playing final release code have discovered that the fatigue bars for their players never go down, despite playing four quarters of football in both single and multiplayer games. contacted EA and they acknowledged that there is a problem although they explain that it’s only superficial. David Ortiz from Electronic Arts claims, “That’s actually not the case. The UI isn’t registering it… you fatigue at a lower pace than in the past, but it isn’t reflected in the UI. [It’s] Something we’re addressing and fixing right now.” When asked about when the patch would go live, he said, “Very soon. Around the release date, we don’t just shove the fix out there. We don’t want to slide [the balance] too far in one direction.”

At the time of this posting, EA has not responded to questions about any further patches in the works for the console version of Madden.

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