Madness? This is Sparta Man II


Clearly, Mega Man was just a wuss.

A long time ago, in the distant wilds of 2007, a movie came out called 300 that featured almost-naked Greek men with ridiculous bodies kicking people down holes and being Generally Awesome. Naturally, the Internet was all over this, and for a good year you couldn’t go anywhere around the web without coming face-to-face with the angry visage of King Leonidas telling you that THIS (was) SPARTAAAA.

Those jokes got very, very old, and seem to have mostly died down by now (thankfully). But that wasn’t enough for a Newgrounds user named ShadowWhoWalks, who was inspired to pair the Spartans’ epic manliness with the legendary Mega Man 2 in Sparta Man II.

As it turns out, the notorious difficulty of the old-school Mega Man games is due to one reason and one alone: Mega Man is a pussy. He dies if he so much as steps on a titanium spork for crying out loud! In contrast, Sparta Man destroys enemies by walking into them, kicks spikes into the ground, and smashes through walls like they’re nothing.

It’s a 5-minute diversion at the most, but it’s still enough to make me smile. And enough to make me forget that I used a goddamn “this is Sparta” joke for the headline.

(Capcom Unity)

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