The Facebook giant’s second coming is heralded by Jane’s Addiction and the word “badass.”

Mafia Wars became famous off the back of the myriad ways you could use it to backstab and otherwise irritate the people on your friends list. According to this announcement trailer for Mafia Wars 2, the sequel will be all about being even meaner and more prone to betrayal than you were the first time around.

Given the blazing popularity of the original, it probably won’t be long before your Facebook page is beseiged by requests for assistance and spare horse-heads from relatives, friends, classmates and a host of people you haven’t spoken to since you met them at that party one time.

According to Zynga, Mafia Wars 2 will be released “soon.” If you’d like to jump the gun on the competition and receive a few exclusive items, you can head over to Mafia Wars 2‘s Facebook page to do so.

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