Magic 2015 Designer Cards Include PvZ Creator, Notch

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This summer’s Magic 2015 core set will include 14 cards created by game designers, including Minecraft‘s Notch and the creator of Plants vs Zombies.

During a PAX East panel, Wizards of the Coast revealed that this summer’s Magic 2015 core set would include special designer cards from the developers of popular video games. The announcement was made by George Fan, creator of Plants vs Zombies and long-time Magic fan.

Fan revealed the card he designed, the Genesis Hydra, an X spell that would play well with a green deck — fitting, given he is a self-proclaimed green mage.

The other thirteen designer cards were created by:

  • Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins: Gabe and Tycho, creators of Penny Arcade
  • Markus Persson: “Notch,” creator of Minecraft and founder of Mojang
  • Richard Garriot: “Lord British,” creator of the Ultima series
  • David Sirlin: designer on Super Street Figher II Turbo HD Remix, Yomi
  • Rob Pardo: chief creative officer at Blizzard, lead designer of World of Warcraft
  • Isaiah Cartwright: lead game designer for Guild Wars 2
  • Justin Gary: designer of Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer and Solforge
  • Stone Librande: lead designer at Riot Games, designer of Diablo 3, creative director of SimCity
  • Brian Fargo: founder and CEO of inXile Entertainment, director of Bard’s Tale, Wasteland, executive producer of Fallout
  • Mike Neumann: Gearbox Software, creative director on Borderlands
  • James Ernest: owner and lead designer for Cheapass Games, designer of Kill Doctor Lucky
  • Edmund McMillen: indie designer of Super Meat Boy, featured in Indie Game: The Movie
  • Brad Muir: game designer at Double Fine Productions leading Massive Chalice, project lead on Iron Brigade

Via Twitter, Super Meat Boy‘s Edmun McMillen said it was a “huge honor” to announce that he had the opportunity to design a card alongside George Fan, Notch, Brian Fargo, Richard Garriot, and the other developers. George fan referred to Magic as one of the best designed games of all time.

Source: Wizards of the Coast

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