The turn-based spin-off gets a slow death, three years after launch.

While Duals of the Planeswalkers is pretty popular, it isn’t the only Magic video game. No, I’m not talking about Magic Online, or even Battlemage, that ancient Playstation game. No, I’m talking about Magic: The Gathering – Tactics, a spin-off game run by Sony Online Entertainment. Haven’t heard of it? Apparently you’re not alone, as SOE has announced that it’s prepping the game for a 2014 shutdown.

Magic Tactics was an attempt to expand the turn-based strategy game outside the confines of cards, whether electronic or paper. Our review gave it three out of five stars, saying that it still had some rough spots to iron out. For unspecified reasons, Magic Tactics is getting the axe after three short years of operation.

If you’re curious about this Magic spin-off or just want to revisit old times, you have until March 2014. Starting November, the in-game store will shut down, stopping anyone from making regrettable purchases. However, all your Station Cash will stay on your account, so you can use it on other SOE games. After that, Magic Tactics will hemorrhage its remaining player base, as the servers slowly creep towards the sleep that is death.

Source: SOE

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