Paradox North is offering exclusive loot to early supporters of its teamkilling MOBA.

Back in March, Paradox Interactive announced the development of Magicka: Wizard Wars, much to the excitement of Magicka fans everywhere. As a MOBA-focused spin-off for the original co-op game, Wizard Wars promised to bring its fickle system of friendly fire spellcasting into multiplayer battle arenas, ensuring no teammate would ever be safe. The concept is promisingly amusing, and even though no release date is in sight, players can now test out in-game matches against friends and foes. Magicka: Wizard Wars is now the latest game to take advantage of Steam’s Early Access program, complete with starting robes and dangerously lethal spells.

Magicka: Wizard Wars‘ alpha can be purchased alongside one of three packages starting off your in-game character. First up is the Starter pack, offering a Green Founder’s Robe, Staff, Excelsior Line Staff, Vendetta Dagger, and Paradox Plaza Forum items. The Founder Wizard Pack, on the other hand, includes all of the above, a yellow robe, exclusive developer’s forum access, a credit on Wizard Wars‘ website, and a copy of Crusader Kings II. Finally, the IMPressive Founder Pack combines the first two packages, the ability to name a randomly spawning in-game Imp, an Imp’s hat, 100,000 credits of in-game currency, and three alpha invitations for your friends.

While the purchasable bundles appear to be the only way to gain alpha access for now, Steam is listing Magicka: Wizard Wars as free-to-play, confirming it will be accessible to all with a finished release. Until then, it looks like you’ll have to pay for the privilege of dropping meteors on your friends, unless you know an IMPressive Founder who could drop meteors on you.

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