Make Comedians Sad to Make Sick Kids Happy


It’s that time of year again, folks: It’s time to make incredibly talented people miserable for the sake of an incredibly worthy cause.

If there’s any one cause that really ought to demonstrate to the rest of the non-gaming world that videogames have not turned us into violence-loving psychopaths, it’s Child’s Play – a great charity for a wonderful cause.

This year, for the fourth year running, the brilliant comedy team at LoadingReadyRun will subject themselves to the unimaginable drudgery of playing Desert Bus, widely considered the most boring videogame ever made. Members of the LRR team will be driving the desert bus for 24-hour straight shifts while everybody else makes willing fools out of themselves.

Why are they doing this? For the kids, of course. As long as people – gamers and non-gamers alike – keep donating money to Child’s Play, these talented comedians will keep on making themselves miserable for a wonderful cause. What more could you want?

Oh, and in case you actually do want more, The Escapist and LoadingReadyRun have – with the help of our sponsors – put together some truly awesome prize packages, which the Runners will be auctioning off to raise even more money for the kids who need it.

Whether it’s forcing them to go see the latest Twilight movie, shaving their heads, or just watching them play the most boring game of all time, everyone who contributes to the fourth annual Desert Bus for Hope will be making these comedians sad, in order to help make sick kids happy.

The first bus leaves tomorrow night. Don’t miss it.

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