Man Creates Epic Iron Man Costume, Terrifies Co-Workers


We’ve still got a few months until Halloween, but this Iron Man outfit may outclass every other costume that appears this year.

If you’re a talented 25-year-old, are a big Iron Man fan, and happen to have a fair amount of free time, what would you do? Well, in the case of Wang Kang, who works for a telecom company in Shanghai, you spend three months making a costume out of high density foam, wires, and tubes; then you wear it into the office and frighten the Hell out of your coworkers.

As you can see, Kang’s costume is extremely detailed. Not only that, but it weighs approximately eight stone (112 lbs), which means that walking around in the outfit must’ve been insanely uncomfortable. According to Wang, “no colleagues knew my mission. Some of them froze there seeing me approach. Some were even screaming in fear.”

The costume, which is of the Mark I armor, is promised to be the first of many from the young man. Wang wanted to work on the Mark I so he could refine his skills and then work on a Mark II outfit. While photos and videos of the costume in action have been circulating the Web to a ton of acclaim, at least a few folks were less than amused with Wang’s costume. Apparently his supervisors demanded that he be escorted off company property by a security guard.

Don’t worry about those killjoys, Mr. Kang, your creation is brilliant, and we here at The Escapist salute your talent. It’s been a while since the Costume Wall of Fame got an update, and this certainly qualifies.

Source: The Telegraph

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