Man Uses Kinect to Play Minecraft in Minecraft


A Kinect hacker put Minecraft in Minecraft so players could Minecraft while they Minecraft.

After using Kinect to recreate himself as a monument in Minecraft, and then make that monument juggle, Nathan Viniconis is back with a new merger of the game and the motion-sensing device. Viniconis has now used Kinect to record his play of Minecraft, which transfers the data into to a separate game of Minecraft.

Essentially, he’s discovered how to play Minecraft in Minecraft. The hack uses the game’s blocks as pixels for a giant, floating Minecraft screen that’s about 50 blocks high and looks around 80-100 blocks long.

A resolution of 80 by 100 isn’t the best in the world, but the blocks are constantly replaced just like they would be with a real screen. When Viniconis stops playing, he’s got a giant screenshot of himself playing Minecraft in Minecraft.

It doesn’t quite work to the point where anybody’ll be playing games inside of Minecraft yet, but the technique certainly has potential. Players could populate their world with pixelated images of themselves or with screenshots from other games. A new way to decorate in Minecraft is never a bad thing.

If you don’t understand the Xzibit reference, it’s an internet meme.

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