Mario Fan Crafts Realistic, Terrifying Piranha Plant


Reimagining cartoonish gaming mainstays for the real world is a hallmark of fan made art. Rarely though are the results as terrifying as Kalapusa’s “Piranha Plant.”

While we did indeed feature the work in our latest ENN segment, this thing is just too amazing/horrific/mesmerising to slip into obscurity without a second print mention.

Constructed from equal parts Sculpey clay and the tears of frightened children, the “lawn ornament,” like all great pieces of art, seeks to capture a deeper concept. Says its creator, “I wanted the plant to look as if it really existed and the Mario version was a simplified cartoon version based off of it.”

Of course, one grotesquely detailed gaming icon deserves another, and Kalapusa (aka “Jaime Margary”) has plans for a sequel. Or, rather, an addendum.

“For those who have already seen it (it has spread quite a bit around the net this last week) there is one more element to the piece that I will be showing soon. It’s a baby version – not just a mini but a cute, itty bitty one with only one tooth (it’s got that all gums baby look),” he writes.

Once complete, the plan is to sell both, most likely to the creepy trust fund goth kid in your dorm.

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