If you weren’t a fan of 2001’s Planet of the Apes, you’re not alone. Mark Wahlberg just admitted (on camera!) that he doesn’t think it was good, either.

Even though 2001’s Planet of the Apes film was by no means a box office failure, Fox Studios never got around to making a sequel. Rumor has it that this was in large part due to both the underwhelming critical reception and the film’s nonsensical ending. It turns out that Mark Wahlberg wasn’t too surprised about this: According to the actor, director Tim Burton was too constrained and too rushed to make a good movie with what he was given.

Speaking to MTV about his upcoming action flick Contraband, Wahlberg was asked about the recent Planet of the Apes reboot, . The entire chat can be seen in the video at right, but I have to say that Wahlberg is pretty good-natured about the fact that the reboot got a better reception than his movie did:

“I haven’t seen it yet, but I heard it was pretty damn good. Well, ours wasn’t. It is what it is. Ours wasn’t … They [Fox] didn’t have the script right. They had a release date before Tim [Burton] had shot a foot of film. They were pushing him and pushing him in the wrong direction. You have got to let Tim do his thing.”

Wahlberg’s description of the situation doesn’t sound too surprising. When studios hire directors known for their crazy artistic styles, saddling them with tight deadlines, incomplete/bad scripts, and don’t give them much freedom to create the film they want, it’s not surprising when the end result isn’t all that impressive.

That said, the mental image of Tim Burton hanging out in a club with Marky Mark? That’s kind of hysterical.

Source: io9

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