Marvel Snap Battle Mode Is Live to Let You Play Against Friends

As promised, developer Second Dinner has released Battle Mode in Marvel Snap, which allows you to play with friends online in literal “Friendly Battle.” Battle Mode has been in the works for quite some time and was eagerly anticipated leading up to its release.

This is just one part of today’s free update, which includes balancing changes and bug fixes across the board. Make sure you update your version of Marvel Snap before diving in. Keep in mind that Battle Mode does not impact your rank, and you cannot earn rewards while challenging friends. A new “Game Modes” menu is available from the main screen, which includes access to Battle Mode itself. Use this to join and create matches against friends.

Along with that, the pesky Leader card has gotten some changes. Notably, Leader now only copies opponent cards played at the Location to its right, but it has 7 power now to compensate for the change. Likewise, Wolverine has been adjusted to a 2-energy, 2-power to hopefully see more use.

Myriad additional changes have also arrived, including for translation issues, UI improvements, and text updates to Locations including The Raft and Vibranium Mines. You can also now change your name once every 30 days, and Zabu has been added to the Token Shop. However, the highlight for many will definitely be Marvel Snap Battle Mode, so you can finally play against your friends and test your mettle.

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