Marvel Wants Hulk and Punisher on TV


The incredible Hulk is planned for a return to television, while the Punisher and other heroes could also make their small screen debuts.

Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno once played the alternating sides of Marvel’s Hulk on CBS’s The Incredible Hulk, but the series ended way back in 1982. Since then, live-action television has been noticeably Hulk-less. Disney’s purchase of Marvel in 2009 may have sparked the return of Hulk to TV, with other superheroes also possibly in the cards.

Collider reports that there is a “major push” to bring the Hulk back to television on Disney network ABC. Details are scarce, but should gradually be released when and if the show begins to move forward. The big question is whether a new Hulk show would use CGI or a modern-day Lou Ferrigno to portray the main character when transformed, because either have the chance to be a bit corny.

Moving on, Marvel Television has plans for more than just its green, angry hero, with reports also saying that the division is pitching many other characters like the Punisher and Luke Cage, though Cloak and Dagger is apparently “priority #2.” Cloak and Dagger follows its title’s respective heroes, with Cloak able to pull criminals into the eternal darkness of his cloak, and Dagger his shiny partner that fights with weapons made of light.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but evidently Marvel is pushing to make TV a little more super. I’d personally like to see how a new live-action television series that focuses on a hero like Hulk or Punisher would do. Shows like Heroes and Smallville have done well enough for themselves, so there’s certainly no reason why a Marvel superhero series that follows a similar format couldn’t be successful too, just as long as the writing is strong and the characters aren’t turned into a whiny 16-year-olds.

Source: Collider

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