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Marvel Zombies Series Has Lots of ‘Gore and Splatter,’ Heroes & Villains Revealed

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Credit: Marvel / Matt Ramos

The first season of What If…? had an episode dedicated to the “Marvel Zombies” concept, and Marvel quickly decided to just spin that out into an entire Disney+ series of its own. Today during the Marvel Animation panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel provided a first look at Marvel Zombies heroes and villains (zombies) and said the series will have all the “gore and splatter you want,” making for a mature viewing experience.

The dangerous zombies revealed seem to include Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, half of Captain America, Okoye, Abomination, Eternals‘ Ikaris, and Ghost from Ant-Man and the Wasp. (Did you forget Ghost ever existed? I sure did.) Meanwhile, the surviving heroes include Yelena Belova, Red Guardian, Kate Bishop, Jimmy Woo, Death Dealer, Katy from Shang-Chi, a bunch of post-apocalyptic-looking Skrulls, and a team of Widows. Frankly, I don’t know if any of those people stand a chance against Ikaris or Abomination by themselves, let alone that whole group of zombies.

There is no premiere window for Marvel Zombies on Disney+ yet, but the reveal of some heroes and villains and the promise of gore are fun things to munch on for a while. Stay tuned for further details on the series.

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