Marvel’s Gamora Comic Will Be “Mind-Bending Sci-Fi”

Gamora cover

Guardians co-writer Nicole Perlman hopes to explore Gamora’s origins in next year’s Gamora solo series.

About a month ago Marvel announced plans to launch a new comic solo series centered around the most dangerous woman in the universe: Gamora. The latest in an expanding line of books based on the Guardians of the Galaxy, the series was slated for a 2015 launch with Nicole Perlman, co-screenwriter of the Guardians film being named as its writer.

While the initial announcement was exciting however, it was also a bit scant on details. We were given a title, a cover image and the basics of who was doing it, but were told relatively little concerning what it would be about it. Thankfully, the comics publisher has now changed that with a new set of interviews in which Perlman offers deeper insights into what the new comic will focus its attentions on, namely Gamora herself.

“This book will reference experiences from Gamora’s past, which helped her become the woman she is today,” said Perlman. “One of the reasons I’m drawn to Gamora’s character is the gap between who she is in the film versus her cold-hearted reputation. In the movie, Gamora is the ethical engine of the team, yet ironically is also the one with the most innocent blood on her hands. How did that personality change come about? At what point did she decide, ‘enough is enough?'”

Perlman said that the book will be defined by a “mind-bending sci-fi” tone similar to works like Total Recall, The Matrix and Enemy Mine. The comic, she indicated, will “play with memory” and use that as a means to explore the aforementioned psychology that makes Gamora the person that she is. Perlman also confirmed, however, that the heroine won’t go through her solo series alone. “The Guardians will come into play,” she said. “As will the Badoon, Magus, and others.”

All in all, it sounds exactly like a Gamora narrative that I’d be interested in reading. Time will have to tell, of course, if the end product winds up being good. That said, considering that Marvel’s other Guardians-centric titles have, overall, been pretty danged solid, I think it’s safe to have high hopes for Gamora.

Source: Marvel

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