Marvel’s Original Sin #3 Art Is Positively Surreal

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Original Sin is reintroducing villains from obscure corners of the Marvel Universe, which will make you very uncomfortable if you hate exposed eyeballs.

WARNING: Minor Original Sin spoilers below.

Original Sin is the latest Marvel mega-event to reach comic book shelves, and its premise is certainly intriguing. Uatu the Watcher, a cosmic being who observes Earth but is forbidden from interfering, has been murdered to keep the events he observed a secret. As different teams of heroes attempt to solve the mystery, hidden events from their pasts spills out into the open, suggesting that anyone might be the killer they seek. A cosmic-level murder mystery sounds intriguing enough, but what I didn’t expect was how trippy the artwork would be. Anything constantly featuring Uatu’s exposed eye would already be bizarre, but throw in an obscure Marvel villain whose head is literally an eye and we’re heading into borderline creepy territory.

The featured artwork comes from Original Sin #3, just after the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Men’s secrets are revealed. We’ve also learned that one of Uatu’s eyes are being held by little-known villains of the Marvel U, specifically the Orb, Exterminatrix, and the new addition of Doctor Midas. Original Sin #3 also promises “a devastating betrayal”, although who exactly will kick that off remains to be seen.

So far this artwork puts me in the unique position of feeling vaguely grossed out, yet wanting to press forward to see what happens. That largely thanks to The Orb, a character with a literal eye for a head that few heroes seemed to take seriously at the time. I’m more familiar with Exterminatrix and Doctor Midas from their appearances in Grant Morrison’s Marvel Boy, but even that proves Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato are drawing from rarely explored corners of the Marvel Universe. And with another six books to go, who knows what other secrets Original Sin will uncover?

Original Sin #3 is available from comic book retailers this June.

Source: Newsarama, via Comic Book Movie

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