The second installment of BioWare’s epic sci-fi RPG is coming to Sony’s home console early next year.

Console exclusives are less common then they were in the past, but a really good one can still evoke rather potent pangs of jealousy from those who don’t get to play it. But one of the very best Microsoft exclusive games, Mass Effect 2, won’t be an exclusive for much longer.

Amazon let the cat out of the bag earlier today, by listing a PS3 version of the game on the US site, and EA later confirmed the news in a press release. The PS3 release of ME2 will include the full game as it appeared on the 360 and PC, and hours of bonus content, which EA says will make it the perfect introduction to the series. Exactly what this bonus content is isn’t clear at this time. It could be some of the DLC that has been already released for the game, or something that fills in the gaps for those who haven’t played the first Mass Effect. I’ve contacted EA for clarification on this point, so hopefully I’ll be able to update you soon.

There will inevitably be some disappointed PC and 360 gamers who rather liked the idea of having Mass Effect all to themselves, but other than that, there really isn’t any downside to this announcement. The audience for the game has pretty much just been doubled, and it stands to reason that EA would want to support the series even more than it has before. According to the Amazon listing, the PS3 release of Mass Effect 2 is scheduled for release on January 31st 2011.

Source: Shacknews

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