Singapore-based gaming site GameAxis Online is reporting that Mass Effect, BioWare’s soon-to-be-released epic RPG, has been banned in that country as a result of its sexual content.

One particular and, some would say very odd, sex scene in the game is behind the decision, according to the brief report. The scene, first reported in September, involves not just lesbians, and not just aliens, but lesbian aliens, although this reporter does question whether a sexual relationship with a member of an alien species actually qualifies as lesbianism in the strictest sense.

In any event, the same-gender-different-species sexual frolicking proved too much for the Singaporean censors, who have declared the game inappropriate for audiences and banned its sale. According to feedback on the site, however, gamers in Singapore who wish to purchase a copy will still be able to do so online, or via retailers in other Asian nations.

A video of the scene, alternately described as “tasteful” or “boring” depending upon which side of the fence you sit when it comes to this sort of thing, was making the rounds yesterday but has since been pulled from at the request of Microsoft. Mass Effect ships November 20, exclusively for the Xbox 360.

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