The detailed map shows how to get every available Pokemon in the game.

Do you want to be the very best, like no-one ever was? Well, if you are on the insane quest to “catch them all,” or you are just looking for that one specific Pokemon, Reddit user Bobdor has put together a massive map detailing the location of every single obtainable Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y. The map is crazy detailed, showing exactly how every Pokemon appears, be it from a standard tall-grass encounter, fishing, surfing, smashing a rock, an interaction with an NPC, or a “special catch”. Check it out in all it’s glory below (click for a larger version):


This should help out you guys on your Pokemon journey. Bobdor also offers the following PSA for anyone reading his map:

“If a Pokemon has the ‘horde’ symbol next to it, it doesn’t mean that it ONLY comes in hordes. It just means that it DOES come in hordes.
Also if a Pokemon has any ‘fishing’ symbol next to it. I just put the easiest method for capture instead of listing all. For example if you can catch something with a good and super rod, I just put good because you don’t NEED the super rod.”

Additionally, you can download a PDF version of the map here. Happy hunting!

Source: Reddit

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