Massive Warhammer Festival More Than The Average LARP


Orcs and Dwarves and Beastmen, oh my!

Half the fun of Warhammer (or any tabletop minis game) is in painting and assembling your army. It’s all about picking out colors, adding awesome minute details, and giving them a weathered look with battle damage. Now imagine doing that, but in full 1.1 scale, and instead of your local gaming shop, you battle with a hundred other screaming fans in the Czech Republic. What I just described is Smrtihlav 2014, an insane Warhammer Fantasy LARP that just recently took place.

The forces of order clashed against chaos, and the setting couldn’t be better. Rolling hills, open forests, the participants even got to siege a castle. There are some truly impressive costumes on display here. There are hideous orc masks, intimidating chaos knights, a dwarf with a rifle, and a badass Warpriest. There’s also an awesome one-on-one showdown in a narrow ravine with forces on either side cheering them on.

This gallery’s but a sampling of the hundreds of pictures taken of the event. While you won’t find the more exotic races like the Skaven or Lizardmen, there are a few Beastmen (and Beastwomen) present. Anyways, I’m sure it confused the hell out of any passersby who thought it was supposed to be a historical reenactment.

Source: Martin Janca, Lukas Makovicka

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