Master Chief: Savior Of Humanity, Pinball Wizard


An inventive new map crafted in the Halo: Reach editor drops a gigantic pinball table into Bungie’s beloved shooter.

Built by possible avian sympathizer Pete_The_Duck, the map is a dramatic reimagining of the “HaloBall” game type, that asks players to use sniper rifles and mines in place of the more traditional flippers. Actually, that’s a bit of an oversimplification. Players are being asked to remotely detonate mines via sniper rifle, in the hopes that the ensuing explosion will move the golf ball-cum-pinball across the glowing table.

In truth, it seems like the most arduous possible way to play pinball, but no one said temporary Internet fame would come easy.

Despite the game’s inherent Rube Goldbergian mechanics, I have to give its creator propers on two points. First, the aesthetics are very well done. If Midway ever built a pinball table with the Halo license, I would fully expect to see the same glowing blue grids and functionally futuristic bumpers employed here.

Second, this is yet another example of geek creativity in action. It won’t cure cancer, it won’t save a puppy from the jaws of a tiger shark, but viewed as a novelty, this map is very cool.

If you’ve suddenly got itchy flipper … er, trigger fingers, you can download the Halo Pinball map to your Xbox 360 via Bungie’s Halo: Reach website. Just don’t expect Roger Daltrey to give a toss.

Source: GameSetWatch

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