Master the Hunt with Every Bloodborne Trick Weapon Location

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Go hunting for new trick weapons in Bloodborne with our locations guide, showing you how to acquire every transforming tool in the cursed city of Yharnam.

Trick weapons are the heart of Bloodborne’s aggressive new combat system. Instead of hiding behind heavy armor or heavier shields, you’re encouraged to dodge and weave around opponents. Picking your preferred weapon is more important than ever, and finding extra selections isn’t so easy alone. Uncover every terrifying dual-mode tool with the complete locations guide below.

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Trick Weapons Locations Guide

Work-in-Progress: Yharnam is still being explored! Drop back in later and see what we’ve added to the list.

Hunter Axe

  • Transform: Short-range slow blunt axe transforms into a quicker halberd with longer reach.
  • Location:
    • Can be chosen in the Hunter’s Dream after your first death.
    • Later, it becomes available to purchase from Messengers after defeating the Cleric Beast.

Threaded Cane

  • Transform: Straight blade transforms into a notched whip for greater range.
  • Location:
    • One of three Trick Weapons offered in the Hunter’s Dream following your first death.
    • Like the Hunter Axe it becomes available for purchase from the Messengers after defeating the Cleric Beast boss fight.

Saw Cleaver

  • Transform: Quick short blade transforms into a slower cleaver for more powerful strikes.
  • Location:
    • The last of the three weapons offered at the Hunter’s Dream at the start of the game.
    • Can be purchased from the Messengers in the Hunter’s Dream once the Cleric Beast boss is defeated.


  • Transform: Slow smashing two-handed hammer transforms into a one-handed sword designed for rapid strikes.
  • Location:
    • Available for purchase from Messengers after defeating the Cleric Beast boss fight on the Grand Bridge.


  • Transform: One-handed katana transforms into a two-handed katana that drains HP for bonus damage.
  • Location:
    • Can be purchased from Messengers after joining the Cainhurst Vilebloods covenant.
    • Defeat the boss of Castle Cainhurst, then equip the Crown of Illusions in the chamber to reveal a hidden path. Talk with Annalise, Queen of the Vilebloods and speak with her to join.

Blade of Mercy

  • Transform: Short sword transforms into an effective quick-step set of dual daggers for extra combo potential.
  • Location:
    • Available for purchase from Messengers after collecting the Crow Hunter Badge. This unique badge can be collected from Eileen the Crow — help her or take it from her body.
    • Eileen the Crow is first encountered in a hidden room around the rafters above the Central Yharnam sewers area with the boats in the canal. In the upper storage room, smash the crates hiding a window leading out into the rafters. Talk through all of her dialogue to complete the first event.
    • She is found at Tomb of Oedon next. Her final event is at the Grand Cathedral.
    • Complete the Grand Cathedral event and she’ll reward the player with the Crow Hunter Badge. If Eileen is killed at any time during these events, the Badge can be collected off her body.

Logarius’ Wheel

  • Transform: Strange wheeled weapon is powered-up with HP sacrifices for increased damage.
  • Location:
    • The NPC Alfred rewards the hunter with this weapon after returning the Cainhurst Summons letter. It is found in the 1st Floor Sickroom — take the back-entrance from the Forbidden Woods lamp.
    • Alfred is located in the Cathedral Ward, near the underground tomb entrance.

Ludwig’s Holy Blade

  • Transform: One-handed broadsword transforms into a massive two-handed claymore.
  • Location:
    • Can be purchased from Messengers after acquiring the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge.
    • Starting from the Cathedral Ward lamp, follow the path to the right leading up to the Healing Church Workshop. It can be found in a chest at the top.

Rifle Spear

  • Transform: Simple spear transforms into a ranged rifle.
  • Location:
    • Can be purchased from the Hunter’s Dream Messengers after defeating Gyula in Old Yharnam.
    • Enter the arena just before reaching the tower where the NPC hunter is manning a Gatling gun in Old Yharnam, then drop down a section of missing railing to reach a hidden ledge. Fall to each lower platform, then enter the open doorway. There’s a chest containing the Rifle Spear along the stairs.

Saw Spear

  • Transform: Sawblade transforms into a medium-range spear.
  • Location:
    • Becomes available for purchase from the Messengers in the Hunter’s Dream area after defeating Priest Gascoigne.
    • Travel to the Central Yharnam sewers entrance from the lamp shortcut. Smash the crates blocking a window to drop onto the rafters above the boats. Cut the rope in the center holding a dead body, then drop down to the area below to collect the treasure.

Stake Driver

  • Transform: Unknown
  • Location:
    • This unique mechanical weapon is obtained from the Hunter Djura in Old Yharnam. He is in the tower wielding a gatling gun.
    • Defeat Djura to collect the Powder Keg Badge and the Stake Driver will become available for purchase at the Hunter’s Dream Messengers.


  • Transform: Mace transforms into an electrified version of itself without changing shape.
  • Location:
    • Becomes available from Messengers after collecting the Spark Hunter Badge, acquired after defeating Darkbeast Paarl.
    • This boss is encountered after the Hypogean Gaol lamp. To reach this area, you must be captured by unique bag-wielding enemies that spawn after defeating the Blood-Starved Beast in Old Yharnam.
    • To acquire this weapon in the environment, leave the Hypogean Gaol church where the lamp is located, then head down the dog-infested street to the left. At the dead end, there’s a bag-wielding monster with two dogs guarding this treasure.

Burial Blade

  • Transform: Unique curved sword transforms into a deadly scythe.
  • Location:
    • The powerful blade is acquired from Gehrman, located in the Hunter’s Dream location.
    • After certain events, Gehrman will present the hunter with two options. Select “Refuse” and defeat Gehrman to collect his trick weapon.


  • Transform: Right-handed pistol transforms into a stabbing rapier weapon for elegant close-range capability.
  • Location:
    • Found in a chest located in Cainhurst Castle. To enter the area, you’ll first need the Cainhurst Summons letter. It is found in the 1st Floor Sickroom — use the back-entrance from the Forbidden Woods lamp to open the shortcut to this starting area.

Beast Claw

  • Transform: Switches from a single weapon into a dual-wielded weapon for faster, closer attack combos.
  • Location:
    • Appears in a Chalice Dungeon chest within Ailing Loran Layer 2.

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