Developers of The Bourne Conspiracy videogame are downplaying the absence of Matt Damon’s involvement with the effort.

“His interest in videogames is marginal,” said Meelad Sadat, High Moon Studios’ director of business relations, said of Matt Damon, the star of the movie series. “We were in the thick of development and he made an announcement that he no longer wanted to do Bourne movies. His exact quote was ‘I’ve ridden that horse as long as I can ride it.'”

“About an hour later at High Moon Studios we decided that celebrity was not important to this game,” Sadat added.

Damon’s voice and likeness will not be featured in the game, but the developer said “celebrity hunting” was not important in trying to build a franchise with the success of the first game.

“The experience is that we want the player to become Bourne. We used the stunt double in the movies to do all the motion capture, we used the fight co-ordinator to make the player feel like he’s Bourne on the screen,” Sadat explained.

The game is slated for a June release in Europe.


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