Mechwarrior Online Offers “Sarah’s Jenner” For Cancer Research


Mechwarrior Online is raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society through sales of “Sarah’s Jenner,” a special hero mech based on a model favored by a five-year-old player who died of brain cancer in May.

In May, five-year-old Sarah Marie Alida Parries of Vancouver died after a struggle with inoperable brain cancer. She was a fan of Mechwarrior Online, which she played with her father Jon; her favorite chassis was the Jenner with Streak SRMs, “because she liked to lock on” to enemy targets. She also got a blast out of running around with nightvision engaged, blazing away at bad guys with medium lasers.

In the wake of her passing, many members of the MWO community called for the creation of a special “hero mech” in her honor, and today Piranha Games announced that it has done just that. “Sarah’s Jenner” is on sale now for $10 and will remain available until August 20, with all proceeds going to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Because of the special nature of the mech, it cannot be purchased for C-Bills, nor can it be sold, and each player may only purchase one. To encourage players to contribute, Sarah’s Jenner will not require a standard mech bay for storage but will instead come bundled with its own exclusive bay. For gameplay purposes, the mech will be treated as a regular JR7-D, with a ten percent experience boost per match.

This is an absolutely wonderful gesture on the part of the Mechwarrior Online team and the community is responding brilliantly, raising over $6000 less than an hour after the initiative went live. Sarah’s Jenner may be purchased at, while more information about the effort is posted on the Mechwarrior Online forums.

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