Media Molecule, Dreams

Media Molecule is hiring developers to take a crack at making fresh content inside its newest venture, Dreams. In a job posting over on the Media Molecule website, they describe their desire to bring smaller dev teams on to help explore the game’s potential.

Applications for the contract position are not open yet but will “be opening shortly.” The posting asks for developers experienced in Dreams (obviously) along with a portfolio of past creative endeavors. Additionally, it sounds like those picked to help out with any future projects will be working directly with Media Molecule, so applicants will likely need to be UK-based.

The Dreams community has already proven the power Media Molecule has given them by developing a number of impressive demos. As reported just a few short days ago, one user created a Dreams version of Final Fantasy VII Remake that included some of the bells and whistles from the game’s E3 demo.

Though Media Molecule’s newest creative toolkit is filled with limitless options, real-world consequences have already started creeping up on the gaming dreams of some creators. The Escapist’s Riley Constantine recently delved into these fears by exploring the pressures some are feeling when creating remakes of existing titles in the game.

Dreams is already available to buy as a Creator Early Access PlayStation 4 game, so keep checking in for any updates on a proper release in the future.

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