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After some extremely popular showings from the game’s early access period, Media Molecule has announced that Dreams has finally gone gold for PlayStation 4. To celebrate the good news, Media Molecule shared a picture of the team rejoicing over its latest achievement.

If you’re unfamiliar with what going gold means, the term essentially means the game has been completed and is ready for production. Come Feb. 14, Media Molecule’s latest will finally be available for PlayStation 4 owners to purchase.

Dreams originally entered early access in April of last year after quite a long time in development. First shown off as a curious PlayStation 4 tech demo in 2013, Dreams was later officially revealed in 2015. Now, after being talked about for several years, the game will see wide release, only months before the PlayStation 5 is available to the public.

Through the past year, inventive players have used Dreams to craft a variety of unique experiences. One could spend days filing through and playing what gamers have come up with in Media Molecule’s game creator, with one highlight being a recreation of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Media Molecule has also made it clear that it hopes to one day see titles made in Dreams playable as standalone experiences.

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