Meet the Black Ops Shotgun Girl


Meet the Black Ops Shotgun Girl, aka B.K. Cannon, the young lady with glasses and a Mossberg who showed the world that sometimes the best way to knock on a door is to blow off its hinges.

Kobe Bryant notwithstanding, a lot of the controversy surrounding the epic “There’s a Soldier in All of Us” ad for Call of Duty: Black Ops focused on the presence of a young woman with a big shotgun who blows open a door so her teammates can toss a grenade through it. Nailing down a woman’s age is a dicey proposition at the best of times but more than a few people suggested that she looked a little too young to be running around inside Activision’s M-rated shooter.

We still don’t know exactly how old she is, but we do at least know who she is: B.K. Cannon, an actress who’s had roles on House, Lie to Me and ER, and who apparently enjoys spending quality time with virtual firearms. “Nothing more gratifying than killing zombies,” she wrote in a #left4dead tagged message on Twitter. “No instruction manual necessary.”

Cannon actually drew attention to her role in the ad with a tweet on November 4, saying, “If you watch this CallofDuty Black Ops trailer very carefully, you might see me…with a shotgun.” On November 8, she followed that up with, “Enough with the actual television programing! Give me more commercial breaks! #callofdutyblackops”

Cannon’s age remains a closely-guarded secret but her Facebook profile indicates that she graduated from the Mid Pacific Institute, located in Hawaii, in 2008, which means that unless she’s a serious prodigy, she’s quite old enough to be pointing pretend guns at whoever she wants. So nice job, Shotgun Girl. Kobe is famous and Kimmel is funny, but for my money you were the best part of that whole thing.

via: GamePolitics

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