Mega Man Pixel Art Made With Time-Lapse Rubik’s Cubes


One YouTube user proves he’s no Rubik’s noob.

You want a tried and true tactic for making yourself look smart? Try learning how to solve a Rubik’s cube in a speedy fashion. While it may not seem the most practical of skills, if movies have taught us anything, it’s that a quick hand with a Rubik’s Cube has the potential to both prove yourself an intelligent individual and, if you do it front of the right executive, land yourself a high paying job on Wall Street.

That being the case, YouTube poster Kyudan2 may very well be set for life. Going well beyond the mere solving of Rubik’s Cubes, he uses them to replicate old school pixel art. While the bulk of his Rubik’s-related videos are focused on Pokemon, his most recent post, which rebuilds Mega Man, may be the best yet (because it’s Mega Man).

Kyudan2’s Mega Man involved a whopping ninety-seven Rubik’s Cubes, each solved individually and then twisted and turned to match the Blue Bomber’s NES-era sprite. The only change he had to make was with the coloring, because Rubik’s Cubes lack the separate shades of blue necessary to match the sprite more closely. The video itself is time-lapsed, lasting just a little over a minute; a mere fraction of the days it would probably take the rest of us to put together something even close to this impressive.

Source: YouTube

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