Mega Man Rap Battles the Robot Masters


Pfft, the Mega Buster is so 2008 – Capcom’s classic Blue Bomber is taking on the eight Mega Man 2 Robot Masters in a rap battle set to the beloved game’s soundtrack.

(Warning: Lyrics may be NWS)

We all know that Mega Man is a man (er, robot) of many talents. He can jump, he can slide, he can charge his arm cannon and steal the powers of any bosses he defeats, he can even throw out a Hadoken or a Shoryuken when need be (also, he dies if he so much as brushes a fork, but that’s besides the point).

However, The Adventures of Duane and Brando has shown the public one of Mega Man’s lesser-known skills: He can spit white-hot rhymes with the best of ’em.

Mega Man’s rap battle takes him (and us) through remixes of the timeless and totally badass soundtrack of Mega Man 2, from the classic title screen music to Dr. Wily’s Stage 1. Mega Man 2 is considered by many to have the best music in the series – and some of the best 8-bit music ever, period. The lyrics are clever, the music is awesome, and it’ll make you feel nostalgic … even if you never played the old-school Mega Man games. Well, maybe. I can’t promise on that last part.

(Via Joystiq)

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