Random, known for entire albums of hip-hop songs about Mega Man, has now released an album based on Final Fantasy VII.

Hip-hop artist Random has gained a strong following through his “nerdcore” work on albums such as Mega Ran and Mega Ran 9. Not to be pigeonholed into one franchise, Random’s latest album is called Black Materia: Final Fantasy VII, based on the game that launched RPGs into the modern era.

Similar to previous works, Random uses music from Final Fantasy VII with his and the album’s guest stars’ lyrics on top of it. Black Materia has 16 tracks in total.

The album’s songs are about characters and situations from Final Fantasy VII such as the relationship between Cloud and Tifa, the attack on the Mako Reactor, and the unfortunate fate of Aerith. Random says: “I’ve never to this day been as emotionally invested into a game as I was with FF7, and doubt I will be again. My heart will always be in 8-bit, but I just wanted to give back to [FF7 creator Nobuo] Uematsu and co. for creating a masterpiece.”

With Black Materia, Random proves he can do more than rap about the blue bomber. I’m always amazed at how professional artists can perfectly summarize videogame situations and turn them into music you’d actually want to listen to. To learn more about Random, the Escapist interviewed him here, while official information on Black Materia is available here.

Source: Reddit

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