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Meifumado Has Brutal, Silky Smooth Pixelated Swordplay on Kickstarter

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Meifumado is a pixelated action game with slick animations and ruthless swordplay, and it’s currently raising funds on Kickstarter. The game’s debut trailer is far from what you’d expect, showing sword and bow skills to master as the player character cuts down enemies both human and monstrous through the post-apocalyptic island of Yamatai. Developer Old Bit Studio says its Japan-inspired, immersive open world will keep players busy with a “heavy focus on RPG elements” that allow the player to guide the course of its story.

Meifumado’s combat aims to be “intense, challenging, and satisfying.” The trailer alone shows a mobile player character that can stab and decapitate just as well as they can move around. Gameplay is further diversified by use of different weapons, including bombs, shurikens, clubs, and of course the katana. There will also be crafting, stealing, and hunting mechanics.

The game narrative will follow the conflict between several factions as they battle for control of a war-torn Yamatai. The Kickstarter page details two of those factions, the Bakuhan and Ryukai, with the former being a society based on strict class hierarchy and the latter being a tribe of cut-throat warriors. Choosing which groups to side with is key to shaping the lives of those on the island. Here is how Old Bit sets the scene for the dire world of Meifumado:

Meifumado is set in a dark, cruel post-apocalyptic world, torn and left in ruins by the great global war. But the war is a long-forgotten past. The remnants of mankind are to deal with the consequences, striving to survive in this new dark era. Vital resources are scarce and aren’t enough for everyone. From food supplies to medicine – people fight for every bit, as the strong prey on the weak.

The small team at Old Bit has been developing this game for two years now and hopes the campaign will enable the studio to hire more staff and expand its scope. As of this story’s publication, the Meifumado Kickstarter campaign has amassed over $2,000 of its $40,000 goal. There are 29 days to back the project and a number of rewards for those who do.

Meifumado is currently planned to come to PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

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