Menu Loving Diablo 3 Fan Leaks Beta Footage


Who doesn’t want to see Diablo 3’s menus being used in real time? Lots of people, probably.

Today I learned that Diablo 3 has quite a lot of menus. It probably has plenty of content that isn’t menus too, but you’d be hard pressed to believe it if you relied solely on the content leaked out by one list-loving beta tester.

The video is a mix of screenshots and footage. Unfortunately, where the parts you’d hope would be screenshots, like the menus, are actually video, and the parts you’d rather see as video, like, say, the gameplay, are all just screenshots. We do get to see what amounts to the bookends of gameplay – basically the options you get when you fire up a new game and the countdown timer as you leave one – but rather frustratingly, there’s very little in between.

It’s not like there’s never been any footage of Diablo 3’s before, so this isn’t all that annoying; if anything it’s just bizarre that someone would record so much of the dull parts of the game, and then spend so little time on the interesting parts.

Diablo 3 is hopefully coming out for PC later this year.

Source: Kotaku

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