You won’t survive long in the Metro without good equipment, but good equipment is awfully hard to come by.

One of the hallmarks of Metro 2033 was the weaponry, specifically that much of it was cobbled-together crap lacking accuracy and punch, and quality ammunition was scarce. And then there were the masks, essential for survival but difficult to use and always in short supply. For gamers used to the latest and greatest in high-quality, hard-hitting military firepower, it could be quite a shock.

Good news, everyone! It looks like we’ll get more of the same in the upcoming sequel, Metro: Last Light. The latest Survival Guide trailer doesn’t get into a lot of detail but it does reference the (not really) beloved “bastard gun” and those awful masks, plus the trusty hand-pump flashlight and the “countdown to doom” wristwatch.

The addition of weapon customization options may make the lower-end guns a little more effective, but we have yet to see how that will actually work. Developer 4A Games said in an online Q&A last year that “virtually all” of the guns from Metro 2033 will return in Last Light, albeit with tweaks and options for various attachments and under-barrel mounts on some, and several new ones will be added as well, including a “shotgun pistol” and bolt-action rifle. It’s not exactly the high-powered Austrian hardware you may wish for while you’re plinking away at fascists with an air-powered rifle in a pitch black tunnel, but that’s life in the Metro, baby – and really, would we want it any other way?

Metro: Last Light launches on May 14 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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