Metro: Last Light Reveals the Commander’s Dark Fate


The final Metro: Last Light “Survivors” trailer is out, and I think I’m just going to cry.

I can’t say definitively that the Commander’s tale is worse than the Model’s, but I can say that collectively, the “Survivors” videos make up the darkest, most depressing marketing campaign I’ve ever seen. This stuff is just terrible: “There’s a nuclear holocaust and nearly everybody dies, and the few who don’t are reduced to little more than animals, eking out a violent existence in dank, subterranean tunnels!”

And the part where the hero comes along to save the day? Yeah, not so much. The “good” outcome to Metro 2033 was that you didn’t unleash even more nuclear devastation on the shattered remains of Moscow. That’s right, the best you could hope to do is avoid adding to the horror and sorrow.

Anyway, back to the Commander, who isn’t faring too well in the Metro. Turns out that his decision to lock the doors, while the “correct” one, doesn’t sit too well with the people who left loved ones outside to die. And as you might expect, they’re not in the mood to talk it out – they’re looking for payback.

Boy, how could you not want to buy this game?

Metro: Last Light comes out in March 2013 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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