Metroid overseer Yoshio Sakamoto has nothing against Retro Studios making a sequel to the Metroid Prime series – he said that he’d “encourage” them to develop a new idea for the series.

Just because Nintendo has teamed up with Team Ninja to make the still mysterious Metroid: Other M doesn’t mean that the company has forgotten about their previous partners when it comes to all things Samus. Reggie Fils-Aime may say that Other M is the direction that Nintendo wants to take Metroid in for now, but Samus’ creator himself is open to the possibility of other things.

“With regards to the Prime series, if the team at Retro comes up with an idea that does bring a sequel to the series to fruition, I by all means encourage them to do that,” Metroid creator Yoshio Sakamoto said. “But I’m not directly involved with the Prime games. In terms of the Metroid series stories that I’ve told, the games that I’ve been involved in, I started with the NES Metroid and took it through Fusion.”

So don’t count the Prime series as dead and done, just expect the franchise to steer in another direction for the near future. And that direction, according to Sakamoto, will find Nintendo digging deeper into Samus’ story and character. Other M, he says, isn’t some sort of spin-off storywise but takes place in the Metroid timeline proper, filling in the narrative gap between Super Metroid and the GBA’s Metroid Fusion.

“One of my goals is to present Samus as an appealing human character, and that involves explaining a little bit about what happened in her past as well as the characters that influenced her,” Sakamoto said. “The story will play a big part.”

But will it reveal Samus’ workout routine? Because I really want to know her fitness secrets.

[Via Game|Life]

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