Michael Bay Vigorously Denies Claims of 3D Problems on Next Transformers Movie


The Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon director claims that his movie pushes the boundaries of 3D film making.

Don’t say anything bad about the 3D in the new Transformers movie, or else you might end up with an angry director breathing down your neck. Michael Bay has defended the 3D effects in Dark Side of the Moon, after a article claimed that they wouldn’t be up to snuff.

According the insider sources, the article said, only 40 minutes or so of the movie were actually shot using 3D cameras, while the rest was shot with 2D cameras and converted in post production. The article also claimed that despite having some of the most talented 3D effects people around, Bay’s trademark fast and shaky directing style had caused problems, as it didn’t lend itself well to filming in 3D.

Bay refuted the article’s claims, calling the writer an “idiot” and saying that not only did he film the whole thing in 3D, Dark Side of the Moon pushed the boundaries of 3D film making. Bay added that he loved shooting in 3D, and would provide a detailed account of the filming process in the week before the first trailer hit theaters next month. As a postscript to his denial, he said that moviegoers shouldn’t watch the movie in 2D at all, because he made the movie for 3D.

It’s a very strong denial, but Bay isn’t about to hop onto his forums and say, “Yep, the 3D sucks, I should never have bothered with it.” It may not matter whether the 3D is any good however, because, as the article suggests, it might be a mixed bag with Bay’s directing style. The fight scenes between the Transformers, for example, are chaotic enough without having things coming out of the screen at you.

But whether Bay is being totally honest about the 3D or not, it seems very unlikely that the accusations of less-than-stellar 3D are going to hurt the movie at the box office. If the performance of the previous movie are anything to go by – $200 million in just five days, without 3D and having received some very negative reviews – then Dark Side of the Moon will pretty much just siphon cash straight out of people’s wallets.

Transformer: Dark Side of the Moon opens in theaters on July 1st.

Source: via Coming Soon

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