Michael Biehn Stars in Blood Dragon Dev Diary


The star of Terminator, Navy Seals and
Aliens say he’s really just in this thing for the paycheck.

Ask ten different people to name the greatest action star of the 80s and you’ll get ten different answers, but the great likelihood is that nobody will name Michael Biehn. Yet he was always my favorite, I think because unlike most of his contemporaries he was neither a muscle-bound monster nor a deadly kung-fu master; he was just a guy with a gun and a willingness to see things through to the ugly end.

So it’s pretty cool to see him back in the saddle as Sergeant Rex Power Colt, Cyber Commando and hero of the upcoming shooter/80s action flick homage Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. Biehn provided voice acting for the lead character and in this new dev diary video seems genuinely excited about the opportunities offered by the game industry.

“I got one page, it’s got nine ‘f*cks’ on it,” he said. “I hope this thing fails.”

In an interesting and amusing coincidence, it’s revealed during the video that Biehn, despite his oeuvre, wasn’t actually intended to take the role of Rex Colt at all. “You weren’t our first choice,” developer Dean Evans tells him during a behind-the scenes interview. “We couldn’t get Kevin Bacon.”

The amazing-looking (and pleasantly inexpensive) Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon goes live on Steam on May 1.

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