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Microsoft will reportedly unveil a second next-generation console, codenamed Lockhart and apparently called Xbox Series S, in August. Reports of an August reveal for the second console started at Eurogamer today, and VentureBeat later corroborated this. Rumors that Microsoft has had another console other than its Xbox Series X in the works have been circulating for some time now.

A proper reveal for Xbox Series S was reportedly originally set to occur during E3 2020, but that event was canceled. Microsoft then reworked its timeline of events, factoring in the impact of remote work on its plans, and devised Xbox 20/20, a set of presentations focused on its next-gen aspirations that are to take place throughout the year.

VentureBeat reports Microsoft was planning to reveal Lockhart as the Xbox Series S in June via Xbox 20/20 but later decided to reschedule the event amid Black Lives Matter protests and to give Sony sufficient space to unveil its PlayStation 5.

This new console will reportedly be a middle-ground option that offers less impressive technology for a cheaper price. Specific hardware or pricing details for Xbox Series S are unavailable, the latter of which is unsurprising considering Xbox Series X has yet to receive a set price.

The first Xbox 20/20 came in May and centered on third-party software, and no event was ever announced for June. A first-party-focused event in July is still on the way and will feature games such as Halo Infinite, leaving August to showcase whatever Lockhart will be.

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