Microsoft: 360 Is the Industry’s Only Bright Spot


Calling the Xbox 360 the only console to show growth this year, Microsoft has declared their system the industry’s “sole bright spot” amid a sea of tanking sales and rising despair.

Things have been undeniably dark when it comes to videogame sales this year, and they only got darker yesterday when the NPD Group released its sales data for July, showing a 29 percent in decline from 2008 overall and a 37 percent decline for consoles. Yikes.

One bright spot, however, was the Xbox 360’s sales, which surprised some with 203,000 units sold, putting in above analyst expectations and in the same sales league as the Wii. So that’s a good sign. For Microsoft, though, it’s more than that. It’s a shining beacon of hope in a time of fear and darkness. The 360 is the only console to experience growth this year, the company said, making it the “industry’s sole bright spot.”

Way to spin everyone else’s despair into your own triumph, Microsoft. “Amid a tough economic climate, Xbox 360 is the only home console showing growth in the US this year, offering wallet-watching consumers the best value with a USD 199 starting price, the broadest selection of games for everyone, and innovative social and entertainment experiences they can’t get anywhere else,” the company stated.

The PS3 pulled in 121,800 in sales in July, while the Wii had 252,500. DS sales hit 538,900 while the PSP took in 121,800 and the PS2 sold 108,000 consoles.

[Via Gamasutra]
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