Microsoft Congratulates Sony on the PS4’s Launch

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Microsoft offered Sony some congratulations for the PS4’s launch via a Twitter post earlier today.

Honestly, looking back on how Sony exploited Microsoft’s early mishandling of the Xbox One’s promotional machine, we wouldn’t have blamed Microsoft if it had opted to be less than graceful in its reaction to the PS4’s launch. It just can’t inspire much goodwill when your primary competitor mocks you in a moment of arguable vulnerability.

That being the case, Microsoft played things pretty classy, offering Sony some congratulations via the Xbox’s official Twitter account. Several Microsoft executives involved with the Xbox One also extended their own well wishes. “Congrats to all my friends [at Sony] and [Adam Boyes] and [Shuhei Yoshida] on the launch of PS4. Great job, looking forward to Gen8,” Tweeted Albert Penello, director of product planning for the Xbox. Microsoft studios vice president Phil Spencer and Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb also sent out congratulatory Tweets. SCE president Shuhei Yoshida, along with Sony’s Adam Boyes, both wished the Microsoft team good luck in their replies.

It was a friendlier exchange than you might expect from two competitors with fanbases that often behave as opposed forces fighting a too-the-death conflict. That said, if nothing else, this should serve as evidence that the console wars don’t have to be all verbal venom and diatribe.

Source: GameSpot

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