Microsoft Denies Rumors of 360 HD-DVD Enabled Games


A Microsoft manager denies rumors that the Xbox 360’s external HD-DVD drive may be utilized in upcoming games.

In a recent post at Microsoft employee blog Gamerscore, John Porcaro, group manager of online marketing communications wrote, “I’m seeing lots of speculation about our upcoming HD-DVD Player, and whether we have plans to publish HD-DVD games. The answer is no.” Porcaro went on to state that Microsoft stands by its previous announcements that the 360’s HD-DVD will be used exclusively for movie playback.

The rumors about the drive’s usage were originally prompted by a recent report in Consumer Electronics Daily, a trade newsletter published by tech industry news provider Warren Communications. The newsletter referenced statements by Dave Luehmann, general manager for Microsoft Game Studios, purportedly indicating that Microsoft hadn’t yet determined whether the drive would play games.

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