According to Torrent Freak and YouHaveDownloaded, Microsoft is harboring Bit Torrent pirates.

Microsoft is, to put it lightly, against piracy. The company censors links to the Pirate Bay in Windows Live Messenger, it’s funding supposed Bit Torrent killer, Pirate Pay and, according to recent reports, is the most active sender of DMCA takedown notices to Google. It’s also staffed, at least partially, by pirates.

Using the site,, which collects information on Bit Torrent users who don’t hide their IP addresses, Torrent Freak performed a search for a list of IP addresses assigned to Microsoft. The results show a number of illegal downloads taking place in various Microsoft offices. What was being downloaded? Why, films, motivational eBooks and pornography, of course.

Torrent Freak is quick to point out that Microsoft is a massive company that employs thousands, at least some of which are statistically guaranteed to be pirates, but it’s still grimly amusing to see employees skirting around their employer’s own anti-piracy efforts. Torrent Freak has also noted that there’s pirates working for Sony, Universal, Fox, The US House of Representatives and, most deliciously of all, the RIAA.

Source: Torrent Freak


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