Microsoft Executive Replies To Xbox One Negativity


“This isn’t a sprint”, said the hare to the tortoise.

“We always knew that our story would play out over time,” says Phil Spencer, corporate VP of Microsoft Studios, in response to Xbox One backlash. “And even now, I would say, this isn’t a sprint.” He went on to claim that new, as yet unannounced content would persuade consumers to shell out the extra $100 to buy an Xbone, rather than a PS4.

“The reaction, I think, is complete when the product is on the shelf and it has a price and it has a content library and consumers vote,” Spencer added, “and that’s the date I’m looking forward to.” November 2013 will be when we find out whether Spencer has a point, but as things stand right now, a promise of new content on its own may not be compelling. Moreover the Xbox One has a price, and it’s a high price when compared to its closest competitor.

The consumers will definitely vote, but whether or not this will result in something Spencer – and Microsoft – likes the look of is still up for decision.

Source: Gamespot

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