Microsoft Increases In-House Chip Development


Microsoft increases its own chip development efforts.

News that Microsoft has been building a new division titled the Computer Architecture Group hit the New York Times. This group will spearhead the company’s efforts to ramp up in-house design and production of microprocessors and chips for XBox game systems and other Microsoft related hardware. The Computer Architecture Group will be based out of the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Wash. and a Silicon Valley branch.

Charles Thacker, the lead engineer of the Silicon Valley team, reported that Microsoft’s research is partially for the design of the next XBox game console and to experiment with voice recognition technology. Engineers will be utilizing a system developed by UC Berkeley researchers that allows for the redesign of computer models of chips without the cost of producing the chips. Networking, security, and engineering expert Rich Draves will be leading the Redmond group. No word has been released on how the internalization of chip design will effect Microsoft’s relationships with XBox 360 chip producer IBM and PC processor maker Intel.

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