Microsoft Introduces New Xbox 360

Xbox logo

As of today, there’s a new edition of the Xbox 360 available for purchase.

During this morning’s E3 press conference, amidst announcements of upcoming videogame releases and all the hoopla over its new console, Microsoft took a moment to reiterate its allegiance to the moribund Xbox 360 by revealing a brand new version of the six-year-old device.

According to the company, the new lighter, smaller Xbox 360 should go on sale today, and aside from the expected aesthetic alterations, it also offers better, quieter functionality than its predecessors. Think of this as a move similar to Sony’s PlayStation 2 Slim, which was released toward the tail end of the PS2 lifespan, yet was smaller, quieter and objectively superior to the consoles that came before it, without adding any truly novel functionality.

To make up for this lack of new stuff to trumpet, Microsoft has opted to improve Xbox Live Gold. Taking a page from Sony’s book, Microsoft has decided to offer Xbox Live Gold users a selection of free games. It’s currently unknown how many titles will be available for players to download totally gratis or when this promotion will go into effect, but two games mentioned are Assassin’s Creed 2 and Halo 3 – older games, but still classics of the current generation.

This information is all brand new (hence the lack of pricing or solid availability details), but expect all mysteries surrounding the new Xbox 360 to be cleared up as the day rolls along.

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