Major Nelson considers XBone to be “disrespectful.”

If you were hoping to sneak in and register the domain for your own nefarious purposes, your deviant designs have been thwarted by Microsoft. It swooped in and nabbed it, thus avoiding a potential PR minefield. Imagine if Sony had got there first; that would have been a Christmas to remember. The unnamed holder of the domain presumably got paid, but how much is something only the holder and the folks at Redmond know for certain.

Not that long ago Major Nelson took to NEOGaf to make his Xbone feelings known. “Sure, it’s cheeky but I don’t care for it myself,” said Major Nelson, and he claimed the nickname was disrespectful to the people who’d put in thousands of hours to make the Xbox One a reality. This isn’t the first time Microsoft has had a problem with Xbox One domains but its previous squabbles have all ended in its favor. This one might have gone differently, but it’d seem the domain owner was willing to reach a deal. is now Microsoft’s to do with as it will. Somehow it seems unlikely that anything will come of this particular domain; Microsoft’s not about to keep the Xbone meme alive if it can help it.

Source: Fusible

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