Microsoft Says DLC Will “Defend Against Used Games”


Microsoft says the addition of premium downloadable content for videogames can help “defend against the used games market,” ensuring more money for them and less money for you.

Xbox Live Marketplace Group Business Manager Alvin Gendrano said the addition of premium downloadable content to new game releases will not only help curtail the market for used videogames, but also generates an average of more than $10 per unit sold, according to Develop report. Speaking at the 2008 Gamefest in Seattle, Gendrano said DLC discourages gamers from trading in their games for new releases.

“PDLC [premium downloadable content] helps defend against the used games market and helps maintain your games’ prices in the marketplace,” he said. “Everyone is aware of the problems with used games. These are dollars which come out of gamers’ wallets and don’t go back into helping us build better games and tools.”

“The longer players play your game, the lower the chance there is that they will trade them in,” he added.

Gendrano also pointed out that the addition of DLC significantly increases the revenue generated per game unit sold, claiming the top ten games with premium DLC have earned an extra $18 for each copy sold. “That’s significant additional revenue potential through DLC that you can unlock,” he said.

Of course, Gendrano’s comments might ring a bit hollow for people who don’t happen to believe the used games market represents any kind of problem at all (say, for instance, this guy here) but surely Microsoft wouldn’t put its own self-interests ahead of a stronger and more vibrant gaming market. Would it?

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