Microsoft Will Wipe Gamerscores for Shadow Complex Cheating


Microsoft is not kidding around when it comes to its anti-cheat policies for Shadow Complex – it’s even willing to go as far as reset your entire Gamerscore if it catches you fooling around.

Microsoft has grim tidings for those who would cheat at Shadow Complex. “This week the Xbox LIVE enforcement team will begin taking steps against players verified as cheaters,” Microsoft’s Major Nelson declared. “These players have not only violated the spirit of the game, but they have also violated the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use.”

Microsoft won’t just be issuing mass slaps on the wrist, however. Cheating in Shadow Complex is a serious matter to the company, and if you get caught, well, you could be in for a whole world of hurt. Obviously, the first thing that could happen is the deletion of your name from the Shadow Complex leaderboard. Not so bad. Well, the next step’s the kicker: “The Xbox LIVE enforcement team will investigate individual players removed from the leaderboards for potential resetting of the user’s gamerscore. The reset would include all games, not just Shadow Complex.”

Do you really want to have your thousands of gamerpoints wiped just for a bit of glory on the Shadow Complex leaderboards or the thrill of “sticking it to M$?” If you said yes, well maybe this will convince you otherwise:

“Those accounts determined by the Xbox enforcement team to have their gamerscore reset will be branded on Xbox LIVE as belonging to a cheater, and this information will be reflected in the gamer profile, both on and in the Xbox Dashboard on the console.”

So not only will you lose all your precious gamerpoints, but you’ll have to suffer the stigma of being branded a cheater for the world to know. I suppose whatever kind of crazy fool gets off on cheating just to get to the top of a leaderboard in an XBLA game might not really care no matter what Microsoft does to them, but whoever would consider it, consider this a warning.

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