Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Not Sure if Minecraft Sequel Makes Sense

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Phil Spencer explains the desire to “meet the needs of the community” first before moving on with Minecraft.

After Microsoft first acquired Mojang, fans were understandably concerned for the series’ future: would the tech giant treat the IP with respect or attempt to move in a direction that wouldn’t sit well with the leagues of fans across the globe?

It looks like the latest decision regarding everyone’s favorite block building game might make some waves within the community — but only because there really isn’t a clear answer just yet.

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer recently spoke with GameSpot about the company’s purchase of Mojang, during which he divulged that Microsoft is in fact in the process of determining the direction the IP should go in. Some diehards clamor for a sequel, but Spencer isn’t quite sure that’s what’s best for Mojang’s $2.5 billion dollar baby.

“I don’t know if Minecraft 2, if that’s the thing that makes most sense,” he confided to GameSpot, explaining further that what the community wants, as well as what the community needs, is going to have to come first. He went on to note that the series has “such headroom as an IP,” and as such he loves what Minecraft means for the entire industry as a game with so much potential to grow.

Whatever happens with the franchise, Microsoft has vowed that the previously established versions of Minecraft not on Microsoft systems, such as the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita editions, will not be shuttered. So while the future is a bit uncertain, at the very least fans will be able to continue playing across several different mediums — until something’s been decided, anyway.

Source: VG247, GameSpot

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